SqView Presentation at CALLERLAB 2019

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Presentation CALLERLAB Convention 2019 Bob Riggs, Barry Johnson Video

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Moderator, Bob Riggs, and Panelist, Barry Johnson. Callers and cuers using laptop computers for their music will need to use some piece of software to play their music. There is a wide variety of choices for this software, and generally any will be sufficient for simply playing music. However, most dance leaders prefer to use software specifically designed for square and round dance leaders. One particular software program, SqView (pronounced “Square View”) has been growing in popularity, and is used by an estimated 75% of callers using computers. This panel will discuss SqView – how to get it, how to use it, and how to fix some common problems you may encounter with the program.

Barry Johnson’s handout was not a presentation handout per se. It was a 35 page how-to guide that takes you through the basics of installing and using the SqView music management program under Windows. The topics include:

  • Download and Installation
  • Backup
  • Options
  • Music Organization
  • Playing Music
  • Displaying Lyrics, Cuesheets, and Choreography
  • Typical Errors
  • Advanced Topics

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