The How & Why of New Basics

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Document Paul Hartman 1974 How & Why of New Basics

This paper by Paul Hartman appeared in American Square Dance magazine in 1974. It describes how square dancing evolved to become what we now call Modern Western Square Dancing during the period from just after World War II to the early seventies. This period was marked by changes in the style and philosophy of square dancing and the influx of many new calls. These new calls were called new “basics”, hence the title of the paper. The paper describes how the process of introducing these new calls shaped the dance we know and culminated in the formation of CALLERLAB with the explicit mission to provide some management and control of the process.

Just Another Square Dance Caller (Book)

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Larada Horner-Miller


Purchase Book

This book is an authorized biography of a true square dance legend: Marshall Flippo.

”This book is a wonderful trip through the life of one of the most famous square dance callers in the world. The stories are in Flippo’s own words, and include many of his experiences, friends, and travels. It is a great read about a very common, uncommon man.” ~Jerry Junck

“This is truly an unfiltered conversation between Larada, the author, and our beloved friend we called “Flip”. We enjoyed the book’s colorful insights into what shaped the unique character, mentor, and friend we all came to know and love.” ~Mike & Lisa Seastrom

“Such a GREAT book! Larada truly brings the spirit of Flip to the page. You’ll laugh then you’ll cry and then you’ll laugh some more. It will always be my honor to call him “Friend.” To those of us who knew and loved him, he’ll never be “just another square dance caller.” ~Tony Oxendine


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Home Office (


Past Chairs

The linked page shows a list of all the people who have served as Chairman Of The Board of Governors and their years of service.

CALLERLAB Convention History

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Past Convention History

Each year CALLERLAB holds a convention that provides great opportunities for education and networking. The linked document shows a list of past conventions and their locations.

Upcoming Conventions

Scheduled upcoming conventions are:

Milestone Award Winners

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Milestone Winners

The Milestone is one of CALLERLAB’s most prestigious awards. To be eligible for the Milestone one must have worked in an uncharted field of square dancing and effected positive change that has stood the test of time. Additionally we look for unselfish contributions, professional leadership, and that you have had broad influence in the square dance activity. The link takes you to a list of Milestone winners.

History of CALLERLAB Board Of Governors Since 1975

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Pam Clasper (


History of CALLERLAB BOG Members 1975 to present

CALLERLAB has a Board Of Governors consisting of 25 members elected for 3-year terms by the general membership. Each year 1/3 of the BOG positions come up for election as terms expire. Each year the BOG elects 5 Executive Committee (EC) members: the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and 3 EC members. The EC deals with day-to-day operational decisions and does the planning for the annual convention. In the document the number in front of each member’s name shows the year their term expires. Members shown with (E) next to their names were EC members, (C) indicates the Chairman, and (V) the Vice-Chairman. Members indicated as being “alternates” were elected by the BOG to join the EC if a member has to step down.

Visits With the Legends

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Summary Barry Clasper ( 2019-11-24

For the past several years CALLERLAB has included a convention session called “A Visit With the Legends”. In each session several well known and pioneer people were interviewed and told “war stories” about their careers and events in their lives. These sessions have proven to be extremely popular with the convention audience. The sessions were recorded, some with audio only, some with video, and some both. While the recordings are all contained in the pages that list CALLERLAB education session recordings, we have created this summary article listing the “legend” recordings so you can find them faster.

Year Link(s) Description
2012 Audio Moderator, Jerry Junck and Panelists, Bob Brundage, Marshall Flippo, Jerry Helt and Melton Luttrell.
2013 Audio Moderator, Mike Seastrom and Panelists, Don Beck, Lee Kopman, and Carl Sims
2014 Audio
Moderators, Jerry Junck and Mike Seastrom and Panelists, Ernie Kinney, Daryl Clendenin, Dick Henschel and Calvin Campbell
2015 Audio
Moderator, Jerry Reed and Panelists, Jon Jones, Mike Seastrom, Elmer Sheffield and Al Stevens.
2016 Audio
Moderator, Mike Seastrom and Panelists, Bill Heyman, Carl Sims, Johnny Wedge, and Bob Worley
2017 Video Moderators, Jerry Junck & Mike Seastrom and Panelists, Ken Bower, Ed Foote, Johnny LeClair, and Paul Moore.
2018 Video 67th NSDC This panel includes Betsy Gotta, Gary Shoemake and Ernie and Barbara Stone (NEC). Moderator is Jerry Junck to help lead the discussion
2018 Video Moderator, Mike Seastrom and Panelists, Betsy Gotta, Bill Litchman, and Stew Shacklette.
2019 Video Moderator, Johnny Wedge, and Panelists, Ed Foote, Betsy Gotta, and Jerry Junck.

Interviews With Callers

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Summary Barry Clasper ( 2019-11-24

This summary article points to some places where recordings of interviews with callers have been collected.

Collection Name Description
Visit With the Legends At several recent conventions CALLERLAB ran a session titled “A Visit With the Legends”. In each session several well known callers talked about their early days and related “war stories” about events in their calling careers. This article has direct pointers to those recordings.
Bob Brundage Interviews Over a period of many years Bob Brundage recorded interviews with 129 callers and square dance luminaries. This article links to those recordings.
Square Dance Radio Network This podcast hosted by Dayle Hodge and Barb Jarvis ran for about 40 episodes in 2011 and 2012. In each episode Dayle and Barb would interview callers or notable people in the square dance community about their lives and their views on various aspects of the activity. The link takes you to a page where you can hear all the episodes.
Marty’s Podcast This podcast first started in summer of 2019 and only has a few episodes so far. Hopefully many more will be coming.