2019 IAGSDC Survey Results

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Brad Bruner (liaison@iagsdc.org)


Survey Results PDF

The International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs (IAGSDC) is an association of square dance clubs that mainly focus on LGBTQ square dancing, although members of all backgrounds and identities are welcomed. While membership numbers vary with time, at the time this survey was done the association contained 60 member clubs. More information on the IAGSDC can be found at the IAGSDC website.

While there are come historical and cultural differences between gay and straight clubs, there are many more commonalities. Gay clubs face the same difficulties as straight clubs in the areas of recruitment and retention. In an effort to understand what their members were doing to address those problems and which efforts seem to be meeting with success, the IAGSDC commissioned a 46-question survey of their members. The PDF file contains the summary results of that survey. A total of 43 surveys were sent out and 41 responses were returned – a very high response rate for such a project. While a few of the questions deal with matters specific to gay clubs, such as participating in Pride parades, most apply equally well to any square dance group. These survey results provide a useful and very current window into the operations of square dance clubs.

Calling for Gay Square Dance Groups

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Nick Martelacci (nm11201@aol.com)


PDF File

There are some differences in culture and customs between straight and gay square dance groups. Callers who have never called for a gay group before often have questions about what those differences are, and what they should expect. This paper was actually written in 1995, but it still provides many valuable insights into what to expect from gay square dance groups. However, over the past 20 years there has been a lot of social evolution and much more intermixing of the gay and straight square dance communities. Callers working with gay groups today will find the differences less marked than they used to be. And there are many more callers who call for gay groups so it is easier find someone to advise you. If you know nobody in your area try contacting the Gay Callers Association (http://gaycallers.org)

Alberta Chatter Newsletter

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Claudia Littlefair (claudia.littlefair@gmail.com)

Alberta Chatter Back Issues

The Alberta Chatter newsletter is published every six to eight weeks. It contains articles on promotion, member retention, and general interest articles, as well as a regular column by a visually impaired dancer, Dee Jackins, entitled “The Lighter Side of Darkness”. 

A Step in Time – The American Square Dance (book)

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Dick Severance


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Judy and Dick have been involved in the square dance activity for some 45+ years during which time they served as Archive Director for the Square Dance Foundation of New England for 30 years. They led volunteers of square dancers in the collection, cataloging, and displaying a collection of historical publications, club scrapbooks, recordings, documentations, photos and dance related material in an effort to preserve the history of the American square dance. This vast collection has now been donated to the library of the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH and the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga Springs, NY. From this material Dick assembled and developed a historic time line on the evolution of America’s complete ethnic social dance movement into today’s modern square and round dance activity. From this background of information he has written a book that details every aspect of its history including the time, place and events and the many people involved leading up to todays’ dance activity and depicting its impact and influence that the square and round dance had on the American social life and then around the world. It features anything you would ever want to know about square and round dancing.

From the founding of America’s dance culture to today’s square dance activity, follow the footsteps back in time to visit with some amazing people and dance events that depict the historical evolution of the modern American square dance. Based on real people and events, the historic stories are very readable and enjoyable style, revealing the lifestyles of those who contributed to bringing the joy of America’s cultural dance to others. You will witness how dance affected the rhythm and lifestyle across the United States and then to foreign countries. It explores pattern dances reflecting on how various dance styles influenced another and the progression of dance. You will experience the expansion across this country and how dance was influenced along the way. You are taken to the Appalachian Mountain area to witness the Kentucky running set and to New England’s quadrilles and contra dances. Memories of past dance experience is visited as its history comes alive through the evolution of dance traditions and a visit with our dance pioneers that influenced and impacted our lives. The time line on the evolution of the American Square Dance begins in Europe to the founding of America, through the Colonial times, the contribution of the African American influence and the western expansion, the depression period, the effect of the World War 11 and the growth that took place with the return of the American soldiers. We visit with George Washington and the political influence that took place at colonial dances, Eleanor Roosevelt dancing during the depression, Jimmy Carter bringing the Modern Western Square dance to the White House. Discover how the square dance brought democracy to Japan. Henry Ford’s efforts in the revival of dance to Lloyd Shaw’s western style impact on square dancing with his high school students Cheyenne Mountain School dancing tours. The building of roads and transportation improvements and the growth of the recording industries along with a proliferation of publications brought about a major growth in people getting together to dance. Dance choreography changes brought about the modern western square dance. Dance events and conventions flourished. You will visit with modern western square dance pioneers Charlie Baldwin, Bob Osgood and Stan and Cathie Burdick. This countries famous animator, Chuck Jones, involvement in square dancing is revealed. This book features many charts and timeline treasures listing movies that featured square dance scenes, square dance halls that came into being across the country and the many different dance gatherings. You will meet some of the women involved in square dancing. You will also visit delightful stories of the Brundage square dance family and the Tirrell round dance family. See how clothing trends followed our dance activity. Today’s Modern Western Square Dance will continue to evolve and change. You will learn what efforts took place to preserve the history of the square dance activity. You will see the background of how round dancing complimented square dancing. Every page brings with it the enthusiasm for dancing. You are taken on an adventure that will broaden your perspective on dance and will make you want to be a part of the future dancing experience. It will please the casual reader, dance leaders and the dancer along with historians with its insight and behind the scene stories. It is the most complete and informative book bringing together all in one place everything you will ever want to know about the pleasures and joy in the human relationship of dance. The historical documentation in this book brings the reader through the past years and creates the opportunity so that the future of social dance can continue to be a contributing factor.

Bob Brundage Interviews

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Summary Barry Clasper 2017-04-14

This summary article contains a table (see below) that contains links to the interviews that Bob Brundage did with a wide variety of notable people in the square dance community. These interviews represent a huge project for which Bob was awarded the CALLERLAB Milestone award in 2012. Both audio files and written transcripts are provided. Listening to these interviews provides a unique and personal vantage point on some of the seminal developments in square dance history.

You can see the list of interviews in alphabetical order by clicking on the button below labelled “Table of Interviews”. To view the materials for a specific interview just click on the interview name in the table revealed below. The actual files reside on the website of the Square Dance Foundation of New England at http://www.sdfne.org.

AA-Bob Brundage’s Introduction
Anderson, Varene (Husband Carl Deceased):SIO Hall of Fame
Anthony, Art: SDFNE Hall of Fame, NE Yankee Clipper Award
Armstrong, Don: SIO Hall of Fame
Bailey, Hillie: SDFNE Hall of Fame
Baird, Pancho & Marie
Baker, Clark: SDFNE Hall of Fame
Bates, Red
Belanger, Jim
Bishop, Charlie
Brodeur, Cliff
Brown, Ginger (husband Lou deceased): SDFNE Hall of Fame
Brozek, Allan
Brundage, Al & Bob (Early days)
Brundage, Al History Presentation
Brundage, Al: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone, NE Yankee Clipper, SDFNE Hall of Fame
Brundage, Bob: CALLERLAB Milestone, CALLERLAB Award of Excellence
Burdick, Cathie: SDFNE Hall of Fame
Burdick, Stan: CALLERLAB Milestone, SDFNE Hall of Fame
Campbell, Cal
Casey, Joe: NE Yankee Clipper, SDFNE Hall of Fame
Ceder, Vic & Debbie
Clark, Bryan
Cocke, Enid
Collipi, Ralph & Joan: ROUNDALAB Silver Halo, NE Yankee Clipper
Dalsemer, Bob
Davis, Bill & Bobbie: CALLERLAB Milestone
Deck, Decko CALLERLAB Milestone
Dixon, Anna Keenan: NE Yankee Clipper, SDFNE Hall of Fame
Dixon, Mil: NE Yankee Clipper, SDFNE Hall of Fame
Driver, Wade: CALLERLAB Milestone
Easterday, Irv & Betty: ROUNDALAB Silver Halo
Edelman, Larry
Egender, Herb: CALLERLAB Milestone
Flippo, Marshall: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone
Foote, Ed: CALLERLAB Milestone
Forsyth, Max
Garvey, Kip
Gilmore, Ed
Golden, Cal: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone
Goodbody, Roland
Gotta, Betsy & Roy: CALLERLAB Milestone
Greene, Patty
Greenleaf, Lisa
Griffin, Culver
Haag, Jerry: CALLERLAB Milestone
Hass, Dave: NE Yankee Clipper, SDFNE Hall of Fame
Helsel, Lee & Mary: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone
Helt, Jerry & Kathy: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone
Hendrickson, Chip
Hendron, John: SDFNE Hall of Fame
Heyman, Bill: CALLERLAB Milestone
Hilton, Jim & Dottie: CALLERLAB Milestone
Holden, Rickey
Houle, Lennie & Connie: NE Yankee Clipper, SDFNE Hall of Fame
Howell, Bob: CALLERLAB Milestone
Jennings, Larry
Johnson, Bruce: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone
Johnston, Bill
Johnston, Earl: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone, NE Yankee Clipper, SDFNE Hall of Fame
Jones, Fenton (Jonesy): SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone
Jones, Jon: CALLERLAB Milestone
Juaire, Ed: SDFNE Hall of Fame
Kaltenthaler, John: CALLERLAB Milestone
Kopman, Lee: CALLERLAB Milestone
Kronenberger, Arnie: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone
Lane, Frank: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone
Laufman, Dudley
LeClair, Johnny: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone
Leger, Dick: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone, NE Yankee Clipper, SDFNE Hall of Fame
Livingston, Bob
Lovett Hall (Dave Taylor)
Luttrell, Melton: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone
Mabie, Michelle
Macey, Cem (Father Joseph Hugh Macey deceased)
Mackin, Everett
Maczko, Jim
Mallard, Martin: CALLERLAB Milestone
Marriner, Tim
Marshall, John
Matthews, Osa: CALLERLAB Milestone
Mayo, Jim: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone, NE Yankee Clipper, SDFNE Hall of Fame
McClure, Veronica
Millstone, David
Moore, Brent (wife Mickey deceased): ROUNDALAB Silver Halo
Moore, Dick & Erna
Moore, Paul
Morin, Lori
Morningstar, Glen
Morse, Wayne
Murtha, Jack: CALLERLAB Milestone
Nelson, Ron
Osgood, Bob & Becky: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone
Oxendine, Tony: CALLERLAB Milestone
Page, Nita (husband Bob deceased): SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone
Page, Randy
Palmquist, Eddie & Audrey: ROUNDALAB Silver Halo
Parkes, Tony
Patton, Gardner: CALLERLAB Milestone
Peters, Bill: CALLERLAB Milestone
Piper, Dr. Ralph: CALLERLAB Milestone
Reed, Jerry
Reel, Rich
Riggs, Bob
Ritucci, Ken
Roth, Gloria Rios: CALLERLAB Milestone, SDFNE Hall of Fame
Rutty, Ed: SDFNE Hall of Fame
Sargent, Don
Schneider, Ron
SDFNE Board # 1
SDFNE Board # 2
Seastrom, Mike
Severance, Dick: NE Yankee Clipper, SDFNE Hall of Fame
Sheffield, Elmer
Shepherd, Art: CALLERLAB Milestone
Shukayr, Nasser
Smith, Nita (husband Manning deceased): SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone, ROUNDALAB Silver Halo
Stevens, Al: CALLERLAB Milestone
Story, Jerry
Sweet, Ralph
Taylor, Dave: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone
Tirrell, Doc & Peg: ROUNDALAB Silver Circle
Van Antwerp, Bob: SIO Hall of Fame, CALLERLAB Milestone
Wagner, Dale
Warrick, Red
Weaver, Buddy
Wedge, Johnny: NE Yankee Clipper, SDFNE Hall of Fame
Williamson, Don
Wylie, Norma (husband Wayne deceased): ROUNDALAB Silver Halo


IAGSDC History Wiki

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IAGSDC (International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs)


The IAGSDC is an umbrella organization for square dance clubs around the world that serve the LGBTQ community. Their History Wiki presents a wide range of historical information about LGBTQ square dancing, including current and past clubs, notable people, their annual Convention, the Gay Callers Association (GCA) and other affiliated organizations, as well as the evolution of the IAGSDC itself.

Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS)

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Country Dance and Song Society


The CDSS site contains material about a variety of country dance forms including square dancing, contra dancing, and English country dancing. In addition to historical and cultural information, there are many pointers to other resources and information.

Lloyd Shaw Foundation

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Lloyd Shaw Foundation


The Lloyd Shaw Foundation preserves and shares a diverse range of dance and music traditions with an inter-generational audience. We develop leadership in traditional dance and music forms, and sponsor events and scholarships to ensure their continuity. Through our archives housed at the University of Denver, and at our Dance Center in Albuquerque, NM, we retain important historical records that document the past and enable us to preserve the future of traditional American folk dance.

Square Dance History Project

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Square Dance History Project


Square dancing has been an integral part of American social life for centuries. Traditional square dance was vital for generations of Americans, especially in rural communities; in the post-World War II era, modern square dance similarly enjoyed participants numbering in the millions.

Despite its popularity, the history of square dance has not been well documented. Scores of books explain specific figures and calls, but there is no current source that offers a detailed discussion of the development of this form of American social dance. We hope this site helps to fill that need.

Sets In Order Archive

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Bob Osgood


SIO Archive Page

Click on the link to view a page pointing to digitized copies of complete editions of the Sets In Order magazine.

This page is a tribute to Bob and Becky Osgood. The Sets In Order magazines are one of their legacys that comprise in these pages the history of modern square dancing. Bob began publishing SIO in 1948 and the last issue was issued in December 1985, 444 issues.

This material is Copyright (C) by Bob Osgood, and his heirs and may not be reproduced in any form including digital transmission for commercial purposes. Short articles may be reprinted using credit: “Reprinted from [magazine] and magazine year and month. magazine should be replaced by the appropriate magazine name such as SQUARE DANCING Magazine, official magazine of The Sets in Order American Square Dance Society” or just “Sets In Order” for earlier issues. Please credit by-lined authors.

As I Saw It – Bob Osgood (book)

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Paul Moore (paulmoore@wildblue.net)


Purchase At Amazon

This book was compiled and edited by Paul Moore. It describes the life and career of Bob Osgood, one of the founding fathers of MWSD and through that lens provides an enlightening vantage point on the evolution and growth of the square dance activity. Much of it is in Bob’s own words, taken from his own articles, notes, and recordings. A remarkable insight into a remarkable man.

This is the story of Bob Osgood from his early years in New York City to his passing in Beverly Hills, CA. We get a picture of the Los Angeles area from a child’s perspective during the Depression. More importantly we see Bob discover square dancing in a small country general store in Northern Arizona and the effect that experience had on him. Later Bob was reintroduced to square dancing at a leadership conference held at the beautiful conference ground at Asilomor, near Monterey, California. These two experiences changed Bob permanently, and then he went on the change square dancing. He studied under Dr. Lloyd ‘Pappy” Shaw who inspired Bob to teach some of the first classes in the Los Angeles area. In the post WWII era, Bob started a square dance magazine, Sets in Order, which was the most widely read square dance magazine in the world. And Bob took square dancing worldwide with a series of tours to all parts of the world. Bob saw first hand the effect square dancing had on the military returning from the war and how square dancing had a profound effect on America. When the square dance activity became widespread, Bob saw the need to have callers use the same terminology when calling. Bob was the drive behind the formation of CALLERLAB, The International Association of Square Dance Callers. This book gives all readers a chance to meet a charismatic man who was dedicated to helping people have fun.

Step By Step Through Modern Square Dance History (book)

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Jim Mayo (jmayo329@aol.com)


Purchase On Amazon

This book traces the development of Modern Western Square Dancing from its earliest origins through to the present day. Understanding the evolution of our activity can shed valuable insights for dealing with today’s issues.

Newspaper Article: Don’t be a square – dance!

Article Type Author Publication Date Links Description
Document Tullahoma News
Thursday, January 22, 2015
2015-01-22 Tullahoma News Article

This article printed in the Tullahoma News provides some interesting historical background and a lot of information on the benefits and appeal of square dancing.