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Article Type Summary Author Last Update Description
Summary / Document Barry Clasper (barry@clasper.ca) 2018-06-27

estrogen ring cost In 2008 Barry Johnson wrote a suite of documents that take you through the ins and outs of digital music: how to connect equipment, where to get it, how to edit it, and how to manage it. The articles are listed below (click on title to view PDF):

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Digital Music and Data Files
A general description of what digital music is, the terminology used, various formats, and how it works
Connecting Your Turntable
A description of how to connect your turntable to your laptop in order to digitize your existing music that resides on vinyl.
Making Music With Audacity
How to use the free Audacity music editing program to edit your digital music; including initial recording and noise removal, looping, cropping, tempo/pitch changes, etc.
Managing Dances With SqView
This document explains how to use the free SqView program to manage and play your digital music. SqView is geared especially to callers and cuers and contains many of the music management tools they particularly require.

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